LondonReal Business Accelerator: Fraud or Reality?

I have almost finished taking the London Real Business Accelerator 8weeks course and this is a good time to lay back and think about how these 7 weeks have gone.

What’s this fraud?

Firstly, I must say I would have never expected my October and November 2017 months to go this way. Indeed, the story of how it all started is just unbelievable. Let me tell you about it. On Saturday, September 30th, I was back in the valley of Aragnouet, in the French Pyrenees, after a week with a friend, trekking above 2000m around the Lost Mount in Spain. It was the best trekking I’ve ever made in Europe, with beautiful landscapes like Faja de las Flores or Barroude lake. After 140km in 7 days and more than 60h walk with a 12kg backpack, I had earned to have a good diner in a beautiful restaurant, and the right to get back to civilization and switch on again my cell phone. And then, I got a message from my best friend who couldn’t make it to the trek, saying “I know it’s in a rush, but you got to go to and subscribe to this course. It’s expensive (2997$), but you must sign up. Subscriptions close at midnight”. That’s all. It was 9PM, I was exhausted (we walked 10h30 this last day) and hungry as hell. All I wanted was a good meal, a good bottle of wine, and I had to deal with this strange message telling me I should spent 3k$ in the next 3h, knowing nothing about LondonReal, nor this Brian Rose! This must be some kind of fraud I told myself! I tried to contact my friend, but I wasn’t able to reach him. In the end, I gave up and thought it could wait one more day. So the next evening, back home I managed to skype with my friend and he convinced me to apply, because the subscription period had been extended. Indeed, it had been 8 months since I began working on how I could start my own business, in parallel of my daily job. But it was a long process, and this course claimed it could help me “launch (my) business in 8 weeks”. So I jumped in, thinking that it could be good to have some advice.

How I was amazed by the BizzAcc whole course process!

And these were not just small piece of advice! Believe it or not, this course starts full throttle, and it even speeds up more and more week after week!

After I subscribed, I had to open a FB account, me who never put a toe on social media, subscribe to a private FB group, start making vlogs and posting them on Youtube. Who can go public speaking about topics one has kept for himself since years, sharing his privacy from 0 to 1 in a couple of days? Well, it was hard, but I thank the fantastic community of students of the BizzAcc course that encouraged everyone in doing so, by doing it too. And it gave me the strength to start this process too. I saw people sharing really intimate moments of their life, trying to get the best out of it and themselves. Everyone with a single goal: find their business idea, and launch it by the end of the course. And not only did they focus on their individual target, they also took the time to encourage, give feedbacks and positive critics as we shared our assignments results in the FB group. I’ve never saw one with bad attitude or negative critics. This group had so much energy (a little bit less now that we are at the endJ) that it was like a big wave that submerged me and I couldn’t run the opposite way. I needed to go with the flow taking me to whatever place Brian Rose wanted me in to.

Another good thing about this course is the accountability doc. This document reminds of all the week’s assignments and let see what other students have done. Sometimes after watching the module videos, I could feel really overwhelmed by all these new things that had to be done: pitch my business idea, make a website from scratch, start posting on social medias, set up an automated email responder, create a product… But in these moments, I just finally went to the basics: I followed the process each step at a time, crossing out each assignment at a time. And I got finally through each one. Moreover, using the psychology of competition, it pushed me to get things done, especially if I saw I fell behind because I just didn’t want to be the last one not having done the work. And if anyone was still behind, then the group reached out to help in anyway, whether it would be solving technical issues or finding ideas or giving feedbacks or simply encouraging. That is a wonderful and efficient tool.

And the best are the keynote calls. Twice a week, Brian Rose speaks live from his office or house about the week’s module lesson, with tremendous ease and great energy, transmitting it to all students so they are all pumped up to face the assignments of the week with “double thumbs up”. He is an incredible salesman and can find words for you to buy your own product, even if he hadn’t heard about it just 10secs before! Week after week, he delivers messages with clarity and energy. After a keynote call, I really wanted to move forward and get the accountability doc cells green, taking me closer to having my own business.

Reality and journey

On the BizzAcc enrollment landing page, it is written “Warning: this course will push you to the limit” in big red capital letters. Strangely, I didn’t notice it when I signed up. But this is true. I had to overcome many internal struggles and limits I had set for myself, getting even sick due to too much stress before my first webinar. But I do not regret it at all. This course gave me a real kick in the b*tt to start my own business, and I am now checking which date would be the most appropriate to resign from my daily job and be full time on this new life project. It has really changed my life.

In the end, was the BizzAcc course really worth the money? My answer is “Hell yes”! Even if at this stage, I sold only 1 of my product, some other students sold more than 60 products, or set contacts all over the world for JV partnerships or sold for more than 2k$! This is real proof this process does work. And I am now also more confident I can achieve a successful business thanks to the methodology and the tools I was provided with.

By the way, LondonReal sub-line says “It’s about the journey”. Yes I went through a tough journey, with all the LondonRealers, but I have now the most amazing FB pals I can hang out with that I know I will always get support from anytime all around the globe.

Special thanks to my team Agnes, Anne, Alison, Leticia, Caryn, Barbara, Lisa, Viktoria, Lee, George, Warrick, Chet, Clément, Josh, Maarten, Vladimir, Mustahzar, Rex and of course Christina Castaneda, Chris Albert, Alex Melia, Julian Bailes, Lisa May and Brian Rose.