Best Performing Digital Asset Fund of 2019

Three years ago when Gabriel Abed and I founded DACM we were focused on bringing a unique style of analysis and investing to what we saw as, and still believe is, the world’s most exciting asset class. At the time we were fortunate enough to be joined by an outstanding team, including Sean Abed our COO and Nick Shieherlis our Head of Research, as passoinate about the disruptive potential of this technology as we were and dedicated to growing DACM into one of the pre-eminent investment managers in a burgeoning new asset class.

It’s now incredibly rewarding for the team to see that the hard work, often through very difficult market conditions, is delivering for our investors:

  • DAF Liquid Venture Fund rated 2019’s #1 performing Crypto Fund (Venture/ICO style)
  • Digital Asset Fund rated 2019’s #2 performing Crypto Fund (Long-only)

These results have been independently collated by Crypto Fund Research, a leading provider of data and market intelligence covering global crypto hedge funds and venture capital. Crypto Fund Research reviews the performance of over 260 funds globally.

It has been an incredible journey since we founded the business. We manage assets in what is surely the most fast-paced and volatile investment environment globally but believe our measured approach to asset selection, and the investment models we have developed, provide our investors with an edge — both through bullish and bearish conditions. We are pleased that our results demonstrate this.

Whilst we are proud of our 2019 performance, looking forward, we remain as excited about the digital asset class as we were when we founded the business. The power of blockchain technology to disrupt so many of today’s industries creates, what we believe, are compelling investment opportunities to deliver continued returns for our investors .

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