Expanding the Team with Two Key Hires

As Digital Asset Capital Management and our key funds continue to grow and the depth and breadth of the digital asset market broadens it's important we continue to expand the skills, experience and resources available to us to ensure we can closely monitor and profit for our investors from an increasingly complex (and competitive) market. With this in mind, we are delighted to announce the appointment of two key team members who we are excited had the conviction to join our team and further dedicate themselves to the most exciting asset class in the world.

Joshua Green joins Digital Asset Capital Management as Head of Trading and was previously a Strategic Trader and Portfolio Manager for Australia & New Zealand Banking Group. Joshua has worked across a wide range of regional and global asset classes, both in physical and derivatives markets and is a true financial markets professional. Gabriel and I were honoured that he has chosen to join our team and look forward to his market insights, eye for opportunity and experience at managing risk as well as his enthusiasm for digital assets. Joshua has Bachelor of Business and Bachelor of Law (1st Class Honors) degrees. Joshua is based in our Sydney office.

Nick Shieherlis joins our team after many years working in London, Singapore and Sydney as a Trading Application Support Team Lead for CMC Markets. Nick has a rare mix of programming and practical markets experience and has an extraordinary in-depth knowledge of the digital asset sector, its constituents and history. Through informal discussions over a number of months he has proven his ability to identify emerging opportunities in the sector and traditional assets that offer compelling value. Nick has a Bachelor of Science (Hons) 2:1 in Computer Science from Nottingham University. Nick is currently based in Asia.

Both Joshua and Nick are also actively involved in the digital asset community so their addition to our team further increases our global connectivity and network — critically important in this sector given:

  • how rapidly it evolves;
  • it has no centralised focal point, like a Wall Street district for example, or a ubiquitous information channel like Bloomberg; and
  • it is truly global in terms of innovation and growth.

We look forward to the contribution Joshua and Nick will make to our growing company and our investors.

CEO of Digital Asset Capital Management, the Investment Manager of Digital Asset Fund and DAF ICO Fund (www.digitalassetfund.com). Twitter: @richwgalvin

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