Ways Of Knowing

you have brought out of me the childish ways of hot summer days as we would talk about:

the sunshine

the flowers

the trees

the water stream

the long days

your happiness

your pleasant smiles

my anguish

my sadness and all things in between.

We would sit across one another,

looking into each other’s eyes,

then you would get up and sit beside me, beneath the trees,

by the river that gleams from the sun above it

and we’d watch the armies of butterflies within the rainbow-colored meadow as they flutter and dance with the breeze.

We would gaze and gaze at

the daisies

the tulips

the roses

the sunflowers

the orchids

the daffodils and the butterflies — all dancing with grace.

I take you by the hand and wave it against the breeze and I feel the never-ending beauty that you had offered me on those summer, childish days.