Nelson-Atkins Scavenger Hunt Answers

Here are the answers to the scavenger hunt we made at the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, originally posted in this article. We hope you enjoyed completing this scavenger hunt as much as we did making it!

Group 1: When were these made?

Find when these works of art were created.
  1. Late 15th-Early 16th Century
  2. ca. 1560
  3. 1392–1568
  4. 15th Century
  5. 1929
  6. 1889
  7. 1940–1960
  8. 1889
  9. 1972
  10. ca. 1740
  11. 1931
  12. 1962
  13. 2011
  14. 1900s
  15. 1852–1853
  16. ca. 1922–1925

Group 2: What Are The Titles Of These Works?

Find the titles.
  1. Silver Missouri
  2. Jain Shrine
  3. The Croquet Party
  4. Maiden’s Spirit Mask or Agbogho Mmuo
  5. Capricorn
  6. Torso of a Satyr
  7. Duo
  8. Chance Meeting
  9. Ends
  10. Altar Piece With Scenes from the Life of the Virgin
  11. Women’s Ceremonial Skirt
  12. Bust of a Faun
  13. Stream and Rocks
  14. Atalanta and Meleager with Calydonian Boar
  15. The Last Judgement

Group 3: Who Made These?

Find the artist(s) of each piece.
  1. Lorenzo di Credi
  2. Napoleon Sarony
  3. Jesus Rafael Soto
  4. Helen Frankenthaler
  5. Thomas Hart Benton
  6. Mark Rothko
  7. Kehinde Wiley
  8. Richard Edward Miller
  9. Arshile Gorky
  10. Jacopo del Casentino
  11. Leekya Deyuse
  12. Allan Houser (Haozous)
  13. Quaker City Cut Glass Co.
  14. Jean Dubuffet
  15. Jacob C. Ward
  16. Charles A. Baudouine
  17. Jennifer Bartlett

Group 4: What Dynasties Are These From?

Find the dynasty (not the country) that was in power when these works were created.
  1. Eastern Han
  2. Ming
  3. Sui and Tang
  4. 26th
  5. Western Han
  6. Safavid

Group 5: What Cultures Are These From?

Find the culture (not the country) that created each work.
  1. Bansoa, in Cameroon
  2. Sauk, in Oklahoma
  3. Luba, in Democratic Republic of Congo
  4. Yoruba, in Nigeria
  5. Haida, in British Columbia
  6. Dogon, in Mali
  7. Chinese
  8. Ojibwa, in Ontario CA

Group 6: Who Is Depicted In These Works?

Find the name of the person depicted in each work.
  1. Maria Ortiz
  2. Guanyin Bodhisattva
  3. Sarita Daniels
  4. Rita Piacenza Benton
  5. Abraham Lincoln

Group 7: What Materials Are Used In These Works?

Find the primary material(s) used in these works.
  1. Bronze
  2. Bighorn Sheep Horn
  3. Gumwood
  4. Ox Bone
  5. Marble
  6. Dark Gray Limestone

Group 8: Where Did These Come From?

Find the country or region where these works originated.
  1. South India
  2. Japan
  3. Mono, California
  4. Egypt

Group 9: What And Where?

For items 1 and 2, what are these objects? For item 3, where is the scene set? For item 4, where is this located in the museum?

  1. Throne Leg
  2. A loose seal
  3. Stonehenge
  4. Balcony of Rozelle Court

Group 10: Wild Cards

Each of these works has a unique question to be answered.
  1. Whose hand is this? A: John Barrett
  2. What arestored in this? A: Books
  3. What is the wattage of each light? A: 40 Watts
  4. Who is wearing this? A: Frances Eakins
  5. Who’s a good boy? A: Van Gogh
  6. How many parts comprise this work? A: 12
  7. Whose hands are these? A: Count Basie and Lena Horne
  8. What is St. George standing on? A: A Dragon
  9. Whose portrait is below this portrait of Frederick Douglass? A: John Brown
  10. Who owns this George Caleb Bingham portrait? A: The Kansas City Public Library
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