Your Salary Is Not The Limit Of Your Income.
J. Westenberg

Jon Westenberg ,

Two comments for you:

  1. Working a salary and starting your own business are not mutually exclusive. I think the biggest reason why most people don’t start their own venture is because of the scary “quit your job, sink or swim” mentality they’re locked into. Keep your job, but repurpose your work projects. Teach an online course. Work part time for another startup. Sell something on amazon. Give lectures at a local college. Don’t set a measure of success at achieving a certain dollar amount by a certain day; instead, set your measure of success by measuring whether or not you’re progressing, every day. If you progress every day, success will come. Success is not the objective; it is the result of consistent execution. Consistent execution is the objective.
  2. Before you start to achieve your goals, first define them! Again, I don’t think most people want to build apple…i think they want what you’ve described: flexibility, independence, and to have work be a source of meaning and achievement. These are noble goals, and they’re achievable…especially I’d they’re defined and pursued with intent.