The Most Important thing I took away from the Fight Club movie
Sachin Akhuri

Well written piece.

Some comments:

  1. Tuning out distractions is more than closing the browser tab with lolcats on it. It’s about closing down everything that does not serve your single purpose of the moment. This can mean tuning out important things (temporarily), like email from your boss. Sometimes you need to ignore your boss to give her what she needs.
  2. “The ability to let slide that which does not truly matter.” But how do you determine what truly matters? And what if (really, when) what truly matters changes over time?
  3. “Let go of what you can’t change.” This can be a dark pit filled with excuses for not doing things. You can change anything you want to, its a question of time and effort. I think more accurately: “Be thoughtful and international about what you choose to change.”
  4. Finally: focus us about more than being productive. It’s more basic: focus is about happiness. When you are present, you’re happier. Why? Because science.