CEO Richard Zahn & How to Maintain a Positive Work-Life Balance

Richard Zahn: Achieving an equilibrium between personal and professional life can be challenging.

Achieving an equilibrium between one’s personal and professional life can be a challenging endeavor due to extended work hours, significant responsibilities at home, and a multitude of social obligations. However, the importance of maintaining a positive work-life balance is vital to future success.

Business professional, Richard Zahn claims that individuals must organize their time accordingly and modify their schedule in order to ensure no personal or family time is sacrificed. Having run several highly successful companies, Richard has learned a few valuable ways to manage time effectively.

Establish Boundaries

It can be tempting to work extended hours, especially when an individual plays a fundamental role in the company’s success. Establishing specific work hours and adhering to a schedule will ensure valuable personal time is not sacrificed. Nurturing a professional network in one’s work environment is also a productive means of acquiring backup when an individual is off designated business hours. Although Richard Zahn invests significant time in running his company, his ability to manage his time wisely has allowed him to pursue other projects such as extensive volunteer initiatives and helping out in his community.

Richard Zahn: Time Management is imperative in today’s tech-driven age.

Due to the highly technological world, we are living in, there are also extensive applications and programs available for individuals to manage their time. Creating customized digital plans to help remain on track including alerts and reminders are a great way to increase productivity. Companies also offer a substantial amount of incentives such as working from home and flexible business hours so Richard Zahn claims that having a discussion with employers about various offers could be beneficial and help one allocate their time efficiently.

Richard Zahn understands the importance of turning off his device when spending quality time with his family members,

Partake In A ‘Digital Detox’

Living in a technological age can make it extremely difficult to unplug devices and focus solely on self-care. Establishing self-rules such as no electronics at the dinner table or discouraging the use of mobile devices after a specific time at night will allow individuals to focus on what is most important to them. Actively monitoring the use of technology may also give one a heightened sense of perspective. Richard Zahn understands the importance of turning off his device when spending quality time with his family members, claiming that although his business is extremely significant to him, he is not willing to sacrifice time with his family. Being able to engage in stimulating conversation with a family or partner will strengthen relationships and create further boundaries between one’s personal and professional life.

Do Not Neglect Personal Time

It is important that individuals spend sufficient time with their families, but it is also essential that personal time is not neglected in the face of responsibilities. Taking care of one’s physical health and mental well-being will ensure that individuals avoid a ‘burn-out.’ Hitting a round of golf or immersing oneself in the outdoors can have a therapeutic effect and help alleviate feelings of stress and anxiety. Richard Zahn enjoys a frequent game of golf claiming that personal time allows him to clear his mind which ultimately improves his business strategies.

It is becoming increasingly easy to prioritize professional responsibilities over personal time, however maintaining a balance will allow individuals to achieve success in their career without missing out on instances that matter most.