No Stranger to Success: CEO Richard Zahn on How to Pave Your Own Way

Richard Zahn knows that leading a successful career is challenging, and obstacles are inevitable. How do you react?

CEO Richard Zahn: pain is a touchstone to growth, and you have to be willing to face difficult obstacles and competition to “make it”.

With increasingly demanding careers, highly competitive industries, and various professional obstacles to overcome, maintaining strong productivity and utilizing time efficiently can seem an impossible task. However, with a strong sense of drive and the ability to commit to discipline, goals can remain within scope.

Business professional & CEO Richard Zahn has started several successful companies despite the fact he often felt undervalued and criticized early in his career. From initial career goals which included becoming a United States Special Operations Soldier, pilot, and professional race car driver, Zahn instead discovered his aptitude for business. Beyond instances of doubt, Zahn possessed a firm belief that anything was possible and began constructing his initiative from the ground up.

Keeping a Positive Mindset

Maintaining a positive mindset is the key to success, and constant affirmation will allow individuals to keep the focus on obtaining their goals. Leading a successful career is challenging, and obstacles are inevitable, so Richard Zahn claims that internalizing self-doubt or misconceptions of one’s ability to succeed can be highly damaging to their career. Instead, actively recognizing small steps will allow one to acknowledge their efforts and continually move forward. Perceptions of success and failure differ from every individual, so ultimately, disciplining your mind and refusing to succumb to negative or stagnant thoughts will provide individuals with the motivation to succeed.

Richard Zahn — Perceptions of success and failure differ from every individual

Taking the Time to Self Care

With a business savvy attitude and zest for life, Richard Zahn has not lost his ability to keep reaching ahead. However, he also claims that balance has played a significant role in both achieving and maintaining his success. Turning 50 this year, Zahn still feels as though he is 25 as he never let the stress his professional environment interfere with his physical and emotional well-being. Taking the time for self-care and spending quality time with family members is essential as they provide one with the encouragement and a necessary support system to help individuals succeed. According to Richard Zahn, his family helped him remain within the “proverbial guard rails,” and in the direction, he needed to go.

Realizing That Failure Is Essential to Success

Realizing that failure is a stepping stone to progress is vital when one is attempting to achieve their professional goals. Pressure can take a toll on anyone yet knowing that experimentation is critical will allow one to move forward without blame and regret. Demonstrating perseverance in a time of adversity is a valuable character trait, and businesses often seek resourceful individuals who know how to see their way out difficult circumstances. Richard Zahn claims that although failure is often painted in a negative light, it is what has shaped him into the individual he is today.

With an amplitude of professional experience and a positive attitude, Richard Zahn continues to overcome insurmountable odds and define what it is to be a successful businessman.