Richard Zahn on Fostering a Supportive Community: The Importance of Community Involvement

Richard Zahn: having a prominent voice in a community can inspire others to take action and create change.

Having a prominent voice in a community cultivates relationships between its members and inspires others to take an active role in laying the groundwork for diversity and change. By regularly volunteering, individuals not only sacrifice their time but also help create a favorable environment for their families and friends.

Prominent businessmen Richard Zahn and his wife Michele use their knowledge and expertise from the business world to help foster a supportive community. Richard believes that every community has the potential to strengthen its ties to individuals by collaborating with local businesses, raising money for charities, and advocating environmental efforts. With the resources available to individuals across the United States, it is essential that those who are able to take an active role in community involvement do so willingly.

Changing Lives

According to Richard Zahn, there is no greater feeling than giving back to the community and helping those in need. Richard and his wife Michele dedicated their hearts to the Lord at East Coast Believers church years back when a major 52,000SF construction endeavor was left incomplete by a previous contractor. Having underbid the job, the pastor and community were unable to finish renovations due to the Church’s financial situation. However, despite all odds, Richard Zahn donated the remaining balance to finish the build-out knowing that over a thousand community members would benefit from its completion. The Lord at East Coast Believer’s continues to be a thriving part of the community thanks to the generosity of Richard and his wife.

Similarly, Richard Zahn states the church provides various College Scholarships to low-income students looking for an education. Coming together to support a community in times of need gives one the satisfaction of improving the lives of countless individuals.

Richard Zahn & His Wife attend East Coast Believers Church

A Way to Network & Inspire Others

Although it may not be the first point to come to mind, contributing to one’s community is also an effective way to network. Individuals and businesses are provided with countless events to encourage others to actively take part in social initiatives. Fostering a community connection will ultimately encourage members to take a stance on various areas of concern and participate in the continual improvement.

Creating Community Values

Richard Zahn gives back to his community and encourages others who are able to do so as well. Understanding that he is a member of the social elite, he realizes that it is his due diligence to contribute to those less fortunate than himself.

As a leader, Richard offers his skills and expertise from charitable donations to countless hours spent helping those in need. Ultimately, he claims that every community member can play a small role that can help make a world of difference.