From Arianna Huffington: Welcome to Thrive Global
Arianna Huffington

Thank you for lending your talents and energy to such a worthy cause. As a ‘’recovering banker’’ (Martha Beck’s name for me!) I have visceral experience of burning out and the associated stigma associated with that. I have been fortunate to have a strong support system to help me find a new path, one that as you say is far richer, creative and productive than anything I have ever experienced. Many people are not as fortunate as me and I know ThriveGlobal will offer some of that support and practical advice necessary to make the transition from surviving to thriving. Self awareness is at the heart of all self management and improvement, so again the resources in this community will assist many people….ripples in a pond. Don’t forget to continue to walk-your-talk…it is all too easy to get caught up in old behaviours and find oneself bumbling down Burnout Boulevard! Thank you and be well. Richard — medium size beige trouser wearer and anti-stress evangelist.

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