A peak under the hood at the technology that powers the latakoo Flight application

When you upload a file with latakoo, there are a couple of technical processes that are happening simultaneously, thanks to our patented technology.

Typically, these are serial steps, but latakoo combines encoding and compression with transfer to save time. With other encoding and delivery systems, transfer can not begin until encoding is complete. With latakoo, encoding, compression and transfer happen in a single step.

Before we get into the technical process, let’s review some terms.

Encoding and Compression
Encoding is a general term that describes some way…

There are two types of communication that comprise the majority of the traffic over the Internet — TCP, or Transmission Control Protocol and UDP, or User Datagram Protocol.

With the newest release, the latakoo Flight app can now deliver real-time estimated speeds for each of these transfer protocols, giving you the ability to choose to the fastest connection transfer available.

About Transfer Protocols

Generally speaking, if you’re using a web browser, you’re using TCP. If you’re using a service like Signiant, Aspera, or FileCatalyst, you’re using UDP.

UDP file acceleration can be helpful when transferring large video files, because the…

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