Paper Mario has always been one of my favorite series and I’ve had a blast playing through and beating the newest installment for Nintendo Switch, Paper Mario: The Origami King. While I thought the story, riddles, and hidden secrets were great, I found the main combat mechanic to be one of the bleakest parts of the game.

Part of my frustration definitely came from my belief that some of these ring puzzles were unsolvable, so part of the intent of this mini-project was to validate whether or not that was true. The result was a Python script that produces the necessary steps to get a matching lineup every time. …

This summer, I decided to build a web store to organize the sale of my custom printed sweatshirts. You can visit this project at, but note that the checkout has been set in a developer sandbox mode so payments will be denied at this time.

The content of this blog post is technical in nature, so it may be a bit of a dry read. Hopefully, this serves as a proper reference guide or decent starting point for any developers undertaking similar projects!


This is a full stack Node.js project. A service called Okta is used for user authentication. The back end database is handled via MongoDB and the front end was designed with CodyHouse Framework components. PayPal smart buttons are used for checkout. All of these technologies are detailed in their own section to make it easier to skip around. I’ve also included key takeaways from designing this system from the ground up. …

For those that have ever started their own personal projects, I’m sure you’ve shared the familiar overwhelming feeling of having lots of unfiltered ideas about how to approach the beginning, but ambiguity regarding the most optimal path to the solution. The idea of selecting one idea among several potential ones is known to engineers as concept selection. Whether the initial collection of ideas came from mind mapping or brainstorming, we need some way to narrow down which solutions we think are most viable. One method of testing viability could be running small scale prototypes of each solution we envision and collect data on their performance. …

This summer, I built a web app that helps a municipality in Thailand keep track of the status of their assets while on the field. It was my first introduction to Full stack development so the code isn’t too complicated, but I wanted to share the impact that it has/could have on the community and hopefully inspire others (with or without background in CS) to go out and build something! You can find the web-app here:


Thailand is a southeast Asian country that undergoes a monsoon season, which is categorized by perceivable changes in precipitation and wind due to asymmetric heating of the land and sea. The Mae Chan municipality, located in Northern Thailand, has identified flooding as one of the major threats towards their community due to outdated sewage infrastructure and urbanization. The effects of flooding are especially exemplified during the monsoon season, causing catastrophic consequences to property and inhibiting access to the marketplace, one source of major commerce in Mae Chan. …


Richard Chung

Student at University of Michigan, Studying Mechanical Engineering

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