iCrowd Newswire — Aug 13, 2020

Miami, FL — (ICROWDNEWSWIRE) — August 13, 2020 -When Richard Gurewitsch has a new endeavor for a business, you can believe that he will do what he can do to help Cuba and the other Caribbean and Central American countries. As a great entrepreneur and an immigrant himself, Richard Gurewitsch knows that remembering your heritage and roots is important when creating services that may be able to help others.

As such, previous companies that Richard Gurewitsch has founded such as LlamaCuba, HaitiPhone, and HolidaysCaribe all were created to help people in these countries connect…

Richard Gurewitsch

Richard Gurewitsch is a serial entrepreneur with a passion for helping connect the people of the Carribean islands with the rest of the world.

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