Bloggers: We all talked about them..Do we understand them?

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Bloggers, influencers and content creators..Whichever we may address them as, they are the rising voice online with social conversations pivoting around their topics of interest.

Starting a blog is easy. Writing articles and taking pictures are just keystrokes and clicks on cameras. Well then, it is the journey that becomes the interesting portion of being a blogger.

From creating content out of hobby, to engaging with their audience as well as marketers to work on brands they love, the life of turning online content creation as a viable career has sprung up over the years.

However, the market has served injustice to content creators as a whole within a particular market that is very close to my heart, Asia.

Businesses are built around influencer engagement. Media agencies with focus on influencers, micro communities and groups, online collaborative platforms have been surfacing over the years, and of late the intensity has increased.

For bloggers who are looking into opportunities in turning their passion into a viable career, they are often exploited through collaborations they engage in.

I have seen bloggers who are asked to publish press releases, requested on only voicing positive reviews, promised exposure to more brands through unpaid collaboration, and having signed contracts that restricts their growth.

The once bloggers that has been creating engaging and shareable content has slowly and steadily turning into online billboards of brands.

Lower reach, high engagement & great relationships

Bloggers despite reaching out to a smaller crowd in comparison to celebrities, have a different level of engagement with their audience. A behaviour that is not fan-like, instead it is friendship. Seeing how bloggers engage their audience I was amazed at the level of relationship they have formed with their audience. No wonder brands and marketers are fighting to work with them.

Their topics of interest and niche changes with their stage in life

Unlike magazines or digital publications that serves only a specific target audience, the audience of a blogger changes overtime as they enter different life stages. This adds more richness into the content and persona to their content. I have seen how writing style of the same blogger changes overtime, where tints of her life experience shapes her content differently when she was dating her now husband, to speaking about parenthood now.

Influencer Personal & Professional Growth

Perhaps I am a tad altruistic when it comes to this. I believe the community would only grow as a whole when growth in these areas are made available publicly.

I have heard bloggers and creators of other social media channels reaching out about what they wish they know when they started blogging. Learning & growth, the two highlighted most by all.

When it comes to this, I am glad that creators within the region are engaging each other, forming micro learning groups to share knowledge with each other.

Will blogging and other forms of social media content creators be able to turn into viable career for those who have burning desire within them? Only time will tell.

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