Russia and the US

After reading about the bully the US state has been through its history via my political science degree and its recent disagreement with Vlademir Putin on engaging with Syria and Assad, I find that I sincerely must come to defending the Russian leader. The US has consistently come down against Russia simply because the former — many times mistakenly — believes that it is right, and many times I feel that the US has been entirely wrong.

There are many recent events to choose from: on Iraq the US was entirely wrong in killing Sadam Husein, and in the aftermath created ISIS; on Syria the idiots to the South of my state, Canada, want to take Assad out. Thankfully Putin has a cooler head and doesn’t want another Iraqi vacuum created. Those in the US government should listen to Putin absolutely because, as the latter stated, it is his back yard.

I might not be so pro-Putin had I not subscribed to the Russian Insider and listened to him speak. I heard reports of a new Cold War in the making and if there is, as a citizen with all the rights and duties the office of citizenship entails, I feel right to ignore this so called “Cold War” and continue as usual.

There was absolutely no reason to call off cooperation with Putin. In the West we now have this stupid media machine that likes to make its own conclusions for us about events: when a food convoy was bombed this Media went straight to the conclusion that Russia was at fault. In my mind, no one knows who was at fault because no one claimed responsibility, much like the US took out Hussein after 9/11 because they were sure he was behind it or an accomplice.

I added Putin to my Twitter feed as I wanted to let him know of an NBC tweet on the CIA plan to hack Russian computers, or some such thing. I decided not to because the state South of the 49th might see it and decide to keep me out — which is rather okay except that some family have dual citizenship and live in the state. In my view the Russian’s were right again and the US government decided in its whimpy wisdom to call a Cold War.

US: you need to stop being so pig-headed, or perhaps need a nationalised media that doesn’t lie to your citizenship so that everyone knows what is going on and there is no confusion. As a Canadian, I really despise your Republican baby who seems to through temper tantrums when he doesn’t get his way but I do like his idea toward the Russian leader.