Shameless Cage stan here.
Alex Haederle

“Raising Arizona” is one of the few Coen brothers movies I can rewatch. They are tremendously skilled filmmakers, but their worldview (like Kubrick’s, though “Paths of Glory” is one of my favorite films) depresses me. Cage and Holly Hunter manage to take the usual Coen brothers trope of “human beings are virtually all idiots, and even those who we can say who aren’t we are grading on a generous curve” and invest it with a palpable sweetness. The script helps, of course, but Cage and Hunter are the key. Imagine Turturro and McDormand — both Coen favorites and fine actors — in those roles. Shudder.

And yes, “Lord of War” is fantastic, from the opening montage of the bullet from manufacture to kill right through to the end.

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