There was no sabotage, Bernie just got outvoted, plain and simple.

That’s nonsense, SaintHeartwing. That’s a very one-sided defense and view. The corrupt and immoral ways the DNC treated us, and tried to discredit us, was massive. I experienced it first hand. Bernie had a huge amount of support from all races and genders, and he polled many, many points above Hillary at the time of the final election in polls that included him. In the final election, about half of registered voters, mostly young, did not vote. The main reason? Millions and millions felt the system had betrayed them, and there were no valid candidates. Did you know the DNC currently has a favorability rating quite a bit lower than Trump? And, Trump’s is the lowest in history for a president. Caitlin’s knowledge and insights are very real, and I agree with her completely on these issues. Some of your links come from biased sources, and omit other sources that tell a different story.