You’re quoting Sander’s favorability AFTER the fact.

The link I posted here has nothing to do with Sanders, unless it’s in an indirect way. It shows the dismal current support for the DNC as a platform, even lower than Trump’s current rating as President. Most of the masses of people that fled the Party (including myself), or no longer endorse the Democratic Party, felt betrayed, abused, ignored, lied to. Most of us will never come back to such an unethical, immoral, inhumane, corporatist failure of a Party completely out of touch with the grassroots element of society.

Also, I’m not saying Bernie was more popular after the final election, he was far more popular at the time of the final election. Chances are he would have beat Trump by a large margin. Eight percent of Bernie supporters voted for Trump, largely out of disgust for the way the DNC treated them. Many did not vote because because of equal dislike for the Democratic Party and Trump, they felt there absolutely was no one to vote for.

Btw, one of my friends who is a published political scholar, and a real insider with valid sources, just sent me a comment about Caitlin: “One of the top political analysts nowadays.”

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