Why should I ever think about politics?

I grew up around it. My father ran for a nonpartisan post in our county law enforcement. There were still sides, however, as shadier labor unions ran candidates with troubled pasts in one party while nutcases pulled on the minds of other parties. My father was favored by the nutcase party. Occasionally, he would come home after a conversation with a nutcase and talk about the submachine gun mounted over the guy’s fireplace (with access by kids) ready for the coming Russian invasion. …

What motivates me to ask such a question?

Well, let’s just say that I spent the summer at a big company, as big as the Big G or the Big M or the Big A. I won’t say which one. But, shortly after I began my contract, I soon found myself under the control of a new manager — sort of a self-appointed project lead, one with very bigotted ideas that clashed with my age and race (not to do with stereotypes — I prefer diversity and my clash is with a lack of it, which this time had to…

Web Page Blockchain

This is a little something I wrote for a certificate in Blockchain last fall: Cert

Let’s consider a means by which blockchains can be used to store and deliver web pages.

Money — Not blockchain mining

As a first attempt at the concept let’s consider keeping track of static components, which might be requested over an extended period of time in which a page is used. But, let’s think about monitoring such things as animation and page state at some other time.

Motivations and use case/niche

Most web pages comprise pieces of web pages from many sources. Sometimes these pieces are for sale and the final page composition will…

I need fast data visualization on my web page. Maybe you do, too. So, it should be no problem, right?

Well, it turns out to be a sort of mining expedition to put the right mix of things together to make it work well. There are all kinds of attempts playing around with the <canvas> element or that use SVG or that do something custom.

PIxi.js for noise sine waves

But, we don’t need just data visualization. We have to have buttons and text fields and all those things on the web page that allow the user to define things, to provide and get information…

Richard Leddy

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