Are you feeling like a cog in a big machine?

As I returned to Boston to meet with some clients I was reminded of all the precious time wasted in traffic jams going to and coming home from work. That is precious time you will never get back and there will come a time when you are going to regret those lost hours.

According to different reports that I have read as many as 70% of white collar workers are “not satisfied” with their current jobs. With open offices, that offer little privacy, and bad managers who can blame them? The biggest question, and challenge, is “what are you going to do about it?”.

My first piece of advice is “don’t be a slave to a job title or paycheck”. Job titles mean little today except on a resume as we all are wearing a lot of different hats. I know people who have climbed up the corporate ladder and still spend a lot of time doing Power Points and attending meetings.

As for the paycheck; I get that a lot of us have bills to pay, but in the end money does not lead to happiness.

If you make the personal decision to make changes, be sure you list what’s really important to you. Ask people what it’s like to work at potential new organizations. Look at the desks of employees, a messy desk within an organization could mean that workloads are too heavy and that priorities change too much.

Finally, take ALL of your vacation time and for God’s sake don’t check company email. If you have to check email then that’s a key sign that you need to leave the machine and look elsewhere.

The power to change is at your fingertips. It takes courage but most of all it takes the willingness to say “I want more out of life”.