The Internet is broken

The Internet is broken and a lot of websites and advertisers are to blame. Like a lot of other people I use an iPad during the day to stay connected but even as more people go mobile websites and advertisers seem intent on ruing the experience. Here are some examples..

1ne: The NY Times pages I have book marked often fail to load or load at a snails pace. Remember, most people won’t wait longer than 4 seconds for a page to load before moving on.

2wo: Annoying pop-ups that continually interrupt me.

3hree: Websites that require you to keep clicking to a new page, and new ads, to read content.

4our: Poorly mobile optimized websites that suck.

Why is the Web being ruined? Because advertisers are clueless and don’t think. They follow numbers and the numbers say “interrupt people here”.

I have stopped going to sites that have a horrible online experience. If they won’t spend the money to conduct usability studies why in hell should I even think about them?

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