I’m glad you got an off duty Sherrif, Richard.
Leo A Ramirez Jr.

I appreciate your sentiment Leo. It sounds like you interpreted my story as an interaction with an officer in his uniform. This was a man dressed in street clothes driving his personal car.

Safety is a big deal and the safety of having someone who has had their car inspected, a driving test, and scrutiny by a mentor means a lot to me and my family.

I have been in a lot of cabs. I am not going back. The experience is 1,000% better.

Nevada showed that background checks just can’t get what is needed and as such Las Vegas went without them.

Cabs can compete with Lyft and Uber by implanting cashless transactions and tracking both passenger and driver by mobile device. Then using bank account information to further cement the transaction. Oh and reviews. They need to weed out the bad taxis with reviews. But darn it, taxis can’t be stopped if they own the car. The companies won’t let them go.

Disruption does hurt a bit. Cars originally didn’t have seat belts and the horse salespeople complained about safety. This is nothing new. Just a different industry.

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