Let’s leave the future behind. Please.

April 1st is not a day to be on Twitter.

Every brand fights to promote their hilarious April Fool’s story, none of which are ever funny.

Publishers fight to promote their “Round up of all the April Fools stories” stories, none of which are worth reading.

The whole thing is just a hot mess of wasted time, money and effort from everyone.

This year has been like April Fool’s day almost every day. Ever since 1st January, we’ve been bombarded with articles about how this year is “the year that Marty McFly visited”. “Look at all the predictions”. “Where are the hoverboards and flying cars!”.

And today has just been the unbearable climax to all this insanity. The actual day. The actual time. Deloreans. Doc Browns. Clock towers. Everywhere you turn, someone is pushing the same tired old crap that we’ve seen a thousand times before since the start of the year.

I used to like the Back to the Future movies, but I’m not sure I could ever sit through one again without having nightmares about the flood of pointless content that has been spouted onto social media about it over the last few months.

I just hope that now we can all move on and leave Marty McFly to his own timeline and talk about something more interesting at last.

I don’t know, how about the great work that Michael J Fox has done over the last 20 years for research into Parkinson’s disease perhaps?