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I have been a desert photographer for 25 years and routinely visited the border of the American southwest from California to Big Bend. There is a fragile ecosystem of plants and animals that live there, including rare spotted jaguars in Arizona that traverse our borders. There is also a special culture of people that live on the border too. I want to have our borders secured, but there are far more effective ways using science and technology to do this. There is no need to build an obtuse disruptive and defeatable physical wall there. The reason there is no wall there now is the area is so remote, with vast areas without roads, no one could possibly survive walking through the desert. To me it is incomprehensible for the United States to invest in such an effort and demonstrates our Orange POTUS’s grasp of what he is doing and lack of understanding of our borders and the best ways to solve his objectives. We share the Rio Grande with Mexico. What are we going to do, cede it to Mexico or just steal it? It is like Trump made up a problem, put up a simple idea to how to solve it, he vigorously sold during his campaign, and now feels obliged to do it. Using drones and other surveillance methods solves this problem.
Trump’s wall is a very stupid expensive idea and that doesn’t need to be. 
Smart people need to step up and stop this ridiculous conversation from materializing before we destroy our special ecosystems.

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