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I retired well , played by the rules, and not a radical or some extremist. I never thought I would see a historic time like this. Here is what my gut tells me tonight and what I am reading on social media and the blogs. The republican who enabled of Donald Trump do not want to own the fact that they have destabilized our democracy. Dana need to take responsibility for our politics and stop watching Hannity and believing his idiot George Soros myths. It is a long complicated story, but I argue that since the republicans have over gerrymandered our state and congressional districts, our politics has become much more polarized and extreme. Throw into the mix a non-politician billionaire reality show host POTUS who for some reason is beholden to the Russians . This POTUS is working with a crop of over charged teabagging republicans congressman dead set on ripping up decades of America’s social safety net of Social Security, Medicare, and the ACA….. This is creating authentic public unrest and we are watching democracy attempting to autocorrect our government. Though the republicans hold majorities in state houses, the congress, and executive branch, the fact is more people voted for Democrats in the state houses and the congress and gerrymandering unfairly put republicans in the majorities. Donald Trump lost the poplar vote by 2.8M people, but the Russians overtly helped him and seem to own him. Trump is making significant changes to our society that the majority of our citizens don’t want and is enabling republicans to implement a unpopular agenda. The perception right now is Donald Trump is illegitimate and many suspect he was elected through Russian espionage and his suspicious behavior makes him traitor . Today our political environment is toxic like I have never seen. I think there will be no peace until Trump is removed from office and Paul Ryan’s dream agenda is throttled back quickly, we are rapidly heading for mass protests in the streets, public strikes crippling our economy, and yes, possibly violence on the politicians that were culpable and brought us to this point. The politicians in power have perverted our once beautiful democracy. I do not know a leader who can turn his around and am afraid things are going to get worst before they get better.