A British Ex-pat has started a petition on the official Government petition website.

“Ask the PM to explain the deception on the true legal status of the EU vote.”


Astonishingly, the petition title was accepted without censorship by the Petitions Committee, and processed in 24 hours instead of the usual 4–5 days. Perhaps there is some sympathy for the aim of the petition in the much-abused Civil Service, who for months have had to disseminate the Official Party Line “we must respect the will of the people…etc” . It must be painful for them to be told to write such drivel knowing that the government position is disingenuous to say the least. The referendum was a Consultation, not a vote. There were to be no winners or losers. It has all been a Great Pretence.

The Emperor’s clothes are disappearing at an alarming rate.

Richard Bird appeals for signatures in his email and Facebook posts:

WHY this Petition? It is gradually becoming common knowledge that the legal status of the referendum as decided by Parliament in the 2015 Act was not a binding Vote but purely a Consultation, with no threshold set for a passing vote. That is clear on reading the Act, and had been confirmed in other documents.

The elephant in the room question is: Why did the entire establishment pretend that it was a real Vote, and why do they continue to pretend? Especially when there is so much at stake in terms of irreversible damage, even if there is no “Brexit”.

Why did not one MP seek to clarify the issue to the public before the referendum, or even now (with the exception of David Lammy MP). Is there any rational explanation?

The reason for the deception itself, the “Great Pretence”, would seem to be that the PM expected a Leave vote of less than 50%, at which point he could move in his imaginary “50% binding” goalpost and claim “victory” — perhaps hoping that nobody would notice the sleight of hand. It is hard to think of any other sane explanation. The plan misfired of course.

The questions remain:

1 How did this pretence apparently become a conspiracy of MP’s and even the senior Civil Service?

2 Why does Theresa May continue with the pretence?

3 Why does every MP reply to letters with the Standard Party Line: “The people have spoken…” ?

Could the explanation be that a directive was put out from №10 to create a wall of silence to maintain the Great Pretence? To deliberately deceive the public for political purposes? If true, it would be a national scandal and disgrace.

If Cameron had any honour, he would have admitted that he had created and ordered the Great Pretence when resigning. Theresa May is unlikely to do that of course — unless forced into giving evidence on oath in a judicial review, legal action or Commons committee of Inquiry. That is our task.

Please sign the Petition to help to bring out the truth. This is a matter of concern for Remain and Leave voters alike. Noone likes to be taken up the garden path.

Please feel free to circulate this to all your contacts. The target is 100,000 signatures to force a debate in Parliament.

Campaigning for a United Kingdom at the heart of a United Europe, and integrity in public life,

Richard Bird