Don’t Info Op Until You See The Whites of Their Eyes
the grugq

I read your article and noted one propaganda trope worth addressing and one point worth significant expansion:

The propaganda trope is that Jihadis want Le Pen in because she’ll drive jihadi recruitment. Be careful on this one. It’s being pushed by the left but the reality of the French interest in Syria and the middle east is obscured by the fact.

You say you’re not a geopolitical analyst, so for more details on the reasons for radical islamist terrorism in Europe I’d recommend reading this article:

Le Pen and Macron likely both want cheap energy in France and an alternative to Russian natural gas through Syria or the Mediterranean, the difference is that Le Pen is ready to ally with the Russians, leave the EU and make bi-lateral trade deals on energy with other states whereas Macron wants to build on the strength of the EU, continue plans to build a border force and an EU army to counter Russia in the Ukraine, whilst forcing Syria to accept Qatari and Saudi influence.

With this in mind, let’s drop the idea that Jihadis have an agenda in France to recruit. They’ll use any reason to recruit, but Jihadis recruited in France may well end up fighting as French proxies in Syria against the Russians and Iranians anyway.

The point worth expanding on is Macrons’ Rothschild Banker credentials. The Rothschild Bank is a fundamentally Jewish, pro-Israel bank that was not only instrumental in the creation of Israel, but carries with it a legacy of venture capitalism to expand Israel’s sphere of influence and so by its very nature attracts the ire not only of Arabs in France, but Muslims worldwide and racist Christian anti-semites from the US to Iran to Russia.

Rothschilds are well known on the internetz as the family that has historically bank-rolled both sides of any European political in-fighting, so as to take advantage of the outcome whatever it may be. True or not, this is the internet legend of the Rothschilds, and you shouldn’t underestimate their widespread unpopularity on the street as a result. They are almost universally seen as an evil influence on Youtube…

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