Understanding How Your Mind Works

Just Answering Some of the Biggest Mysteries Known to Human Kind!

Amazing how even with modern science there is so much conjecture and confliction as to what the nature of the mind is and how it works. But just like nature itself, it’s not as complicated as we often think. In this video I explain:

  • How the mind alternates between the external senses of Sight, Sound, Taste, Touch and Smell and internal awareness of the signals coming from the organs within the body.
  • How those signals from both outside and inside the body are interpreted as conceptual language by the mind once the language centre of the brain has developed
  • The individual qualities of the dialogue created in the mind by the different organs (Elements) within the body
  • The importance of self knowledge of the different types of internal dialogue created by the organs within the body
  • The ultimate role of the nature of the observer who enables us to self witness.
  • And it includes a couple of guided meditation exercises to observe the patterns that are happening in your mind right now!