The Dirt Yard
David McClain

I have a similar story, David. Every summer, we would spend a week at my aunt’s place in Vermont. She owned 140 acres, reached by a dirt road, and almost all of it was undeveloped. She had a small yard in the front where my brothers and I played wiffle ball, but most of the rest of it was left wild. There were far more deer than people. It was an event whenever a car drove past. I loved visiting there. Ten years ago, well after my aunt passed away, we were on vacation in Vermont and I decided to drive up there and show the property to my kids. I was appalled by what I found. The land had been developed to within an inch of its life, covered with McMansions. I’m sure the families in those new homes are grateful to have a nice house in a nice neighborhood, but it spoiled my memory of our childhood visits.

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