The Media Blackout On The DNC Lawsuit Proves That It Is Nuclear
Caitlin Johnstone

You know, I thought I knew everything about the world when I was 25, just like you. I was in the SECOND EVER demonstration against what was then “The Vietnam Advisor Action” at Cornell University in February of 1965. I was at “smoke-ins” and draft card burnings, and danced all night at Winterland to a triple header of The Airplane, Hot Tuna and The Grateful Dead. I went to Altamont, but not Woodstock: too far I thought, sadly.

I went “over the fence” at the Trident Base in 1982 and occupied the reactor site at Satsop in Washington State.

I thought that “We were the Vanguard” and that people would “see the light” and come running. Well yes, they did come running, but mostly to throw stuff at us.

Grow up; human nature is not going to change. People are self-centered and selfish and at the very most you can “bend the curve” of selfishness. I think you kids are doing a better job at that than we did.

Bernie Sanders would have been a left-wing version of incompetence. He’s absolutely not in any way as evil as Donald Trump, of course. But he would have been just as feckless and probably would have crapped on our friends around the world just as egregiously as Trump is doing.

Keep agitating for change, but don’t be surprised that you don’t recognize it as ANYTHING like what you thought you wanted. The world doesn’t work that way.