Helmet Vision — Wireless VR Helmet

The Helmet Vision company is the developer and producer of a helmet of virtual reality. They are always ready to cooperate with talented software developers and developers of devices connected with virtual reality. Thousands of developers create the world of virtual reality into which it is possible to look with Helmet Vision.

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A spokesperson for Helmet Vision explained, “In Helmet Vision, we use the panoramic lens by means of which viewing of video become more comfortable, and a viewing angle of 120° allows to do the greatest capture of the picture. The maximum acoustic insulation and stereo sound make the process of listening to music an individual and tangible, and immersion in VR — deeper and more personal”.

It’s quite hard to sum up, what Helmet Vision is in just a few words. They are very proud of their guide and service, but then they are biased. What delights them is that they receive so many positive comments from people who aren’t.

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