Flash was the future.
Craig Swann

Thanks for this article. Flash v3 caught my attention when I first saw some cool mouse trails on the web page, and I got into learning it with v4. I still remember all the “tell target” and “../” in my codes before it switched to actionscript. Flash introduced me to the coding side of web and cool interactive design, I went from a print designer and became an interactive designer/developer because of Flash. I still remember the first Flash Forward conference I attended, met a lot of the pioneers in the community and had the honor to be a tech reviewers for few of the Flash books published (remember Friends of Ed books?). I will miss it, it did a lot of good for web, unlike all those Steve Jobs fanatics would like you to believe. I really think Adobe didnt handle it right after it bought out Macromedia. Sad day for me, because I owe so much where I am in web development because of Flash.