No To Special Prosecutor

Democrats are demanding a special prosecutor and, apparently, some plan to hold up approving the next FBI director until this demand is granted. It won’t be granted and Democrats are foolish to pursue it.

There are two possibilities if no special prosecutor is appointed. The first is that whoever is investigating Trump’s connections with the Russians will come up with something damning, incriminating and impeachable. In that event, the special prosecutor will have been shown unnecessary to a just outcome.

The second possibility is the current investigation will come up empty, because obviously sloppy and deficient. People will not accept the unsound verdict. In that event, the Democrats will have a compelling campaign issue for 2018, perhaps enough to take back the House and Senate. When that happens they can impeach and remove Trump and restore sanity.

And so to Democrats I say: don’t waste time pursuing a special prosecutor. You are better off without one.