Two Americas: You Can Bet Your Big Mac On It

Dinner time. I can afford more expensive food than McDonald’s, but sometimes I like to eat the food there. So I opened the app on my iPhone to see what the specials were and noticed it was the last day for the Grand Big Mac with a free medium fries and free medium drink. The extra big one is new and I wanted to give it a try. With the freebies it was irresistible.

Off I went to McDonald’s. I just showed my bar code and got the discount, saving myself $2.99. Since I paid with my credit card which rebates 3% at restaurants, I also saved another 15 cents on the total bill. How clever of me!

While I was waiting for my food, I could not help noticing another customer of about my age ordering his food and preparing to pay with a collection of quarters and dimes he had brought, not quite enough, as it happened. So he had to downsize his drink.

I probably saved more than that coin payer spent on his whole meal. Even though I was only taking advantage of a promotion theoretically offered to all, I felt bad. Two Americas-one for people like me and the other for people like him.

Maybe McDonald’s doesn’t understand or care that the people who really need their promotions are folks who lack the means to take advantage of them. So I ask, McDonald’s, why not offer your promotions to everyone irrespective of whether the customer has a smartphone? Do your part to make America a better, fairer place.

By the way, that Grand Big Mac is just a little too sloppy for my taste.