History tells us what may happen next with Brexit & Trump
Tobias Stone

I also have degrees in History (BA-MA) and have studied some Archeology (actually enjoy that part of history:)) But as normal you are focusing again on what you want to see and ignoring the rest. A trait that MOST Historians do and why I don’t work in that field even though that was the focus of my education.

liberal intellectuals where also around in all these periods and tended to stir the pot in all these cases. Hitler would never had the backing had not the “ liberal intellectuals” after WWI set the stage for what was to happen in the 30’s. Trump would not have the support he has today if the “ liberal intellectuals” in the US had not pushed so much in the past 20–30 years.

In fact I would be willing to bet the “ liberal intellectuals” have caused just as many problems by pushing their agenda as all the rest. And while they do tend to be in the minority numerically, they tend to be much more vocal and push their agenda more feverishly then conservatives. And if you truly believe these “ liberal intellectuals” don’t fight dirty; then …

As for the Brexit. The Franco-Prussian power block, I mean the EU. Just see what they managed to do with the EU that they where unable to do in the first two World War, take control of Europe. Take a close look at the EU and see who is really gaining from it. Look at how they stripped the Southern countries of industry and moved it to the north.

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