How to Implement Salesforce Successfully?

Richard Drew
Jun 24 · 3 min read

Recently it has been observed that more and more business owners are planning and preferring to move to Salesforce. When organizations decide to move to Salesforce, they need to know some facts. In this post, we would discuss some of the essentials aspects that we need while moving to Salesforce.

Today through this post, we will discuss Salesforce introduction, and then we will know the considerable aspects to move to Salesforce for every size organization. So let us discuss them one by one.

What is Salesforce?

Salesforce is a popular CRM that is used by every size organization to manage its business operations. It serves both profit and non-profit organizations of the market. Salesforce provides the following benefits to business organizations:

· A special NPSP or nonprofit success pack of Salesforce CRM provides various business benefits to common nonprofit database needs.

· Salesforce Foundation donates then free “Enterprise” licenses for nonprofits. It gives the user the freedom to use ten free seats at no cost.

· Salesforce users can extend core functionalities to its users through various basic and advanced tools like MailChimp, PayPal, Event Brite, and many others.

There are many reasons and benefits of Salesforce due to which organizations use it. To configure and setup Salesforce user needs to consider certain aspects and some of them we are going to discuss in our next section.

4 Considerable Facts to Move it Salesforce

i) It’s Not Absolutely Free

You may think that the ten freely available Salesforce seats offered by them will be sufficient, but in reality, you may need more seats either for your implementation team or integrated apps. Another fee that can be added for you is the cost of data storage. For professional and enterprise plans you may need 1GB or 10GB storage, but if you need to buy some additional storage then will have to pay extra cost for that. The cost of Salesforce data storage blocks is $125/month, and the file storage cost is $5/month.

ii) Expensive and Costly Salesforce Implementation Process

Whether Salesforce provides some support to get a license and provide some support, but still you need some additional staff and team members to move data from your in-house storage to Salesforce and to train your staff for this transformation. You may have to pay some amount around $5K to $100K for this implementation as per your requirement. Below-listed is some of the paid activities for this implementation:

· CRM Configuration

· Discovery

· Data Clean Up

· Training and Support

· App Installation and Testing

· Data Import and Testing

The amazing flexibility of Salesforce makes it more complex and help you in the decision making the process.

iii) User May have to Work with More Than One Vendor

Well, many app vendors can help you in successful Salesforce implementation. It still does not provide native functionalities like email marketing, online donations, and event management. You may need some of the additional apps to get installed and install as per your requirement.

iv) Affect on the Org Chart

If you need and require maintaining the system for you, then you may have to hire an implementation partner that may again cost you. Similarly, for any web application implementation, you may again need an experienced Salesforce Developer. Well, to get the return on your investment, you may need to pay some additional cost. So, just for your database management and web application development like activities you may need to hire some additional cost.


Well, the organizations that are either using Salesforce Classic or fresh Salesforce version must consider some of the additional aspects. The additional features may be paid or unpaid, but if you consider them, then Salesforce implementation may not be successful.

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