I Don’t Take Pride in My Race

Here’s a brief synopsis of my background: my mom is Chinese, and my father is Vietnamese. Like many Gen-X parents, my parents immigrated to the United States between thirty to forty years ago with the dream of their children having a better life. To water that seed of a dream, they found work selling goods in the sweltering heat of a flea market, where the hypnotic ringing of a nearby ice cream truck dared them to spend their profits on a small slushy cone to cool off. They believed that the main purpose of assimilating into America was to obtain upward economic mobility, and for their children to do so as well (probably so that we could buy slushy cones without seeing heat waves).

If we retrace the steps to everything Asian parents do, we’re led back to love. While we should be appreciative to have been raised in a household that cares for us and had sacrificed so much, that love is often masked behind snarky and emotionally-unintelligent remarks, and is without a doubt in my mind being shown in the wrong manner.




Songwriter. Dreamer. Believer.

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Richard Du

Richard Du

Songwriter. Dreamer. Believer.

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