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First, let’s start with a confession:

I am not very good at this whole rest thing. I’m just not. I want to be, and part of writing this series, I think, is me preaching to me. I know I need rest (well, better rest). I think part of me hopes that by writing this I will take notes and try to implement some of this stuff myself.

As proof that I am not very good at this whole rest thing, I can tell you that I didn’t go to bed until 1:00 AM this morning.

Seems kind of ironic considering that we’re all here to talk about rest, right? Hey … I did just tell you that I don’t have this down, didn’t I? 😂 It’s a good thing I have Friday’s off. …

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I’ve been thinking a lot about rest lately.

Mostly I think it’s because I’ve been really tired. More tired than usual, I would say. I’ve been trying to figure out why that is. I mean, I am super busy but … aren’t we all?

I’ve got a full-time job, a family, extracurricular activities that I do with and for the kids, and a side-hustle I’m trying to get off the ground. But is any of that special? I mean, we are all doing so many things to try to move ahead, aren’t we?

In an attempt to figure out what is going on with me, I feel like I stumbled upon something that is pretty revelational. You may or may not have heard this before. I’d be willing to bet that the concept I’m about to share is not new. …

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Have you ever been overwhelmed?

I feel like maybe that question is a little bit rhetorical. Maybe I don’t have to ask it at all.

If you’ve been alive for more than, I don’t know, a minute, you’ve definitely been overwhelmed. Parents on your case about something, tests to study for, homework to do, classes to go to, kids running all around, work, work, work, work, work.

Can we just agree that at some point in our lives we’ve all been overwhelmed? Good. That’s a great starting point.

I’m kind of in an overwhelmed state right now myself. House things piling up. Work is crazy busy. Budget and money things not exactly going the way they should. We just finished a show at the theatre where my kids acted and did stage crew, costumes, and makeup. My wife produced that show and I kind of helped where I could. Other things at the theatre are going on as well. I’m about to take over as President of the Board of Directors next month. I want to write more and start to exercise and all these other things. It’s just a crazy busy season for me and I’m not really seeing the way out right now. …


Richard Dubay

A dead man made alive through Jesus. Husband. Dad. Developer at NewSpring Church.

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