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I’m Richard, I’m 22 years old. I’m an amateur stand up comic since july 15th 2015 and I did improv for 4 years:

I think it’s horrible there’s this stuff in comedy. I hate that improv groups get away with stuff. I just have a few questions. You do know men don’t stand by men like women stand by women? I am an anti-nationalism, I’m an anti-civic pride, I have no pride in my gender and no pride in my race. I have no pride in my country or government really. All I can do is speak for myself. I’m an atheist-secularist-rationalist, cis white male. I am a liberal, a libertarian. I think the government should be on our side for human rights and make sure we don’t consume poison. I’m huge for human rights. The only thing I don’t want as a person is for someone to say I’m automatically guilty because I have a penis and testicles.

It’s a case by case thing and you can’t blame a gender on how people of that gender act . Then you are acting no different than the Bill O’Reilly’s of the world who think all black people are thugs/criminals. I am only responsible for one person and that is myself. I need you to answer this question on this: what about children and men being raped? Are they less important and do you view yourself as a women responsible for how you act or how other women act. Guys just don’t feel that way. I am NOT responsible for how another human being acts. I am not responsible for a fellow white person’s actions just like i’m not responsible for another comic or improvisational performers actions.

I am only responsible for my actions. You being a woman will always tear other women down, you will always care which women is “slutty”, which women is ruining feminism. Youtake credit for the amazing female Olympian's hard work thinking their gender and genitalia are somehow linked to their skillset ,abilities and passion. It’s not, your GENDER is not TALENT. Women have been oppressed and it is horrible as a humanist I consider myself a huge feminist but just because you share the same body parts as someone does not mean you are automatically as evil as them and in the same way you are not automically as athletic or accomplished as them.