Being unrealistic with your goals is the quickest path to failure.

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If you’re like me, you probably have 100 things you want or need to get done, but you’re lucky if you can do even half of them with the time you have.

Between work and other life obligations, your days get away from you. And sometimes the idea of doing anything extra, even stuff that needs to get done, can quickly become overwhelming.

Let’s be honest; we live in a stressful world that expects constant and instant results for everything we try to do.

If you’re not careful about how you manage yourself and your expectations, you can quickly burnout…

Your clock is ticking down every day, so get out there and do your thing.

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Ever notice how so many many people seem to talk about wanting things in their life, but never seem to go after them?

It’s not the right time to look for a new job or start a business.

It’s not the right time to start exercising or eating better.

It’s not the right time to get married. Or have kids. Or buy a house.

And it’s certainly not the right time to learn new skills, write a book, start a webpage, a youtube channel, Instagram, or another type of side hustle.

You know how it is. It’s never the right…

A few minutes of planning can make your whole process smoother.

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When it comes to writing, are you a gardener or an architect? A pantser or a plotter?

When people use these terms to describe their writing style, what they’re really stating is how much they outline. Do they plan their work out ahead of time or discover it as they go?

If you’re a self-declared plotter, then you already know the value of an outline. It’s at the core of your writing style. You blueprint everything you’re going to write before you write it.

If you’re a self-described pantser

Do something every day and see what you can accomplish over time.

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Rome wasn’t built in a day, but they were laying bricks every hour.

— James Clear

Sometimes it can feel like a task is just way too big to take on.

Maybe you want to pick up a new skill or start a new hobby. Or perhaps you want to make huge changes in your life, like starting a new career or launching your own business.

Whatever it is, you have some dream or goal in mind, but then you start to think about how much work it’s going to take to get there.

And the more you think about…

It’s harder to get a feeling for the limits of our mental realities.

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If you’re reading this, you’re probably someone who enjoys trying to improve and grow as a person. After all, this is very much a self-improvement style piece.

Maybe, then, you’ve noticed that we can be really hard on ourselves when it comes to mental growth and change. We know we should kick our bad habits and pick up productive ones in their place, but it’s just so difficult to do sometimes.

Being more patient and forgiving with your mental struggles, when you want to make significant changes in your life can be a challenge. …

But it might get you pretty close.

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We’ve all heard the saying, ‘Practice makes perfect.’

But it’s just not true. No matter how much you practice a talent, you’re never going to be perfect at it.

Now, I’m not telling you this so that you give up. On the contrary, I’m saying you should shift your intentions behind why you practice.

There’s No Such Thing as Perfection

The old saying is rooted in a false belief that any skill or talent has a finale to it. That eventually, there’s nowhere else to grow.

But perfection is a goal, not a destination. …

Don’t let the views of others hold you back from reaching your dreams.

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Do you spend a lot of time worrying about what others will think about you and your choices in life?

Don’t worry. Nobody is looking right now; it’s just you and your screen. You can be honest with your answer.

Here, I’ll help, say it with me: I worry about what others think more than I should.

We can’t avoid it. It’s wired into our DNA. In humanity’s ancient past, fitting in with the tribe was how you maximized your chances of survival. If you upset the balance of things, you risked being outcast, which meant death in the wilderness.

A simple trick for finishing any project quickly and with quality.

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There’s a lot of different takes on effective work methods out there.

You might subscribe to chunking your time in 5-minute blocks like Elon Musk. Or maybe the Pomodoro Technique is more your thing.

If you’re a writer, perhaps you’re into fast drafting.

For me, it’s all about the Rule of Three Passes:

  1. Make it Work
  2. Make it Fast
  3. Make it Pretty

I don’t remember where I picked up this little tip, but I’ve used it for almost two decades now when working on code and scripts. …

Treat everything in your life as an investment, and watch it grow over time.

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We humans have a funny way of looking at the future. We tend to view things in our life as happening linearly.

Simple, straight trajectories all the way.

And often, this linear view is what holds us back from pursuing the things we want out of life.

We’ll look at the things we want in the future and compare it to our projections of what we believe is possible and see a vast gap between the two points. …

Things will get easier once you crest it.

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There’s plenty of advice out there on how to reach your goals for a better life, but let’s be honest for a second.

Life is full of never-ending twists and turns. And sometimes, it can be tough to find some motivation for all the things we’re trying to juggle on any given day.

You know the feeling. Where you pretty much want to do anything but work on your goals. Even when you know deep down inside, it’s probably not a good idea to slack.

Or worse, you might even sabotage yourself and set your progress back.

You know those…

Richard East

Game developer, writer, fitness enthusiast. Discussing writing, designs, motivation, fitness, personal finance, and life in general.

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