I’m sure I can dig and find somewhere you mention it, but any suggestions for a workflow to get a…
jeremy leach

A workflow to get you started for what? Learning to program with Smalltalk?

The following Pharo MOOC could be just the ticket: http://files.pharo.org/mooc/

There are several other Smalltalks I could recommend (eg, Squeak, Dolphin, Cincom), but Pharo is probably the best choice because it is the most progressive dialect. It’s also the reference language for Amber Smalltalk, which is what I use for front-end web development (Amber is Smalltalk for the web; it transpiles to JS).

Pharo also has a pretty good (free!) book: http://files.pharo.org/books/updated-pharo-by-example/

Check out the Pharo blog: https://medium.com/concerning-pharo

Good luck and have fun!