Stanford will continue, I believe, to be years ahead of the rest of the World.
Richard Kenneth Eng, I raised an eyebrow when you wrote “I hope other schools are not as misguided…
Daniel Lanovaz

Not in terms of CS education to freshmen.

I am aware of the history of Smalltalk, Self, and JavaScript. I suppose you’re trying to convince me that JavaScript can stand toe-to-toe with these other languages in terms of design, simplicity, internal consistency, and safety. Good luck with that.

Look, I am perfectly cognizant of the fact that no programming language is perfect. I could nit-pick on just about every language in existence, including Smalltalk!

But there are flawed languages and deeply, profoundly flawed languages. There are very few that belong in the latter category. Perhaps PHP. Maybe C++. Without a doubt, JavaScript. I stand by that.

I am impressed with ECMA TC39’s efforts to turn a sow’s ear into a silk purse. Really, I am.

But the effort is still unsatisfactory. It amounts to putting lipstick on a pig.

That’s why I think Stanford is wrong-headed in this decision. JavaScript may be many, many things, both good and bad. But a good teaching language is not one of them.