The Banality of Black Death
Eli Langley

Blacks 13% of the population but committing 52% of the murders. Blacks are responsible for far more violent crime than any other sector of the population. People who commit violent crime and murder tend to come into contact with the police more than other sectors of the population. Those who tend to come into contact with the police because of their violent behaviour tend to be arrested. Those that tend to avoid arrest and use violence against the police have a greater chance of being shot. Those who get shot have a greater chance of dying than those that don’t get shot.

Blacks, take all the time and effort blaming everyone else for your woes, and instead focus that attention on yourselves. Stop robbing people, stop the violence, stop the raping, stop the killing… go to work like everyone else and then maybe you’ll find you tend to get shot by the police a bit less.

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