True, but not many people actually look to the start of it all.
Trevor Bird

The 60s-70s! Exactly the period when blacks started to be pandered to and stopped being held to account for their own actions. The 60’s on-wards was the start of the Politically Correct era — that we are still in now, and has finally created ‘Black Lives Matter’ — where the blacks are told they can blame everyone but themselves for their actions and their predicament. In reality the socialist, pc, liberal brigade have caused far more harm to blacks than anyone else. They have set things up so there is always more to gain short term by playing the victim card and the race card. Every unequal outcome in results and achievement is blamed on racism. And when they can’t find evidence of racism they make it cultural racism, hidden racism, sub-concious racism, institutional racism. ….And by playing the race card the blacks have gained many short term advantages with ‘positive discrimination’ and various quotas. But in the long term it on only causes damage. These are the people who call anyone racist who doesn’t go along with the politically correct view of things.

In reality it’s the politically correct people, liberals and socialists who are the most racist people of all — because they think the rules of life need to be different for blacks, and they need special treatment and protections.

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