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Only ignorance and fear mongering party politics say that climate change is solely caused by man. The gases released by Volcanoes are not man made and have created more greenhouse gases in a single eruption than all of man since the industrial revolution. Even if the US stopped all fossil fuel use, the abundance of oil will drive down the price and the use in other countries would rise… countries where there are little to no emission controls or policies and would result in even more pollution. This is why the Kyoto Protocol and Paris Agreement are bad..the main focus is controlling/fining the US while everyone else gets a pass. If an emission standard is set, it should be for everyone. Why would party politics be involved.. simple by making fuel cheaper to the rest of the world and fining the US, industrial and economic power will shift to better support globalization. Globalization is the main goal of the Progressives… yet the leaders of such progressive ideas always seem to get more wealthy while the middle-class is slapped around. Example Obama’s net worth rose by $400 million while taking a $450k job as president.

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