The KKK isn’t Reading The New York Times Op-Ed Pages
Holly Wood, PhD 🌹

Don’t get me wrong! I totally 100% agree white men are butthurt babies. White men feel butthurt because they aren’t getting their chance to boss a woman like Melania Trump around. They’re mad because they want to be able to treat immigrants like shit, too. They’re mad because their boss is a woman and nurse sick revenge fantasies every time she makes him to do his job. They’re mad because Black actors on TV live in bigger houses they do. They’re mad because they see Trump living the life they feel is their birthright as white men.

Here is an insight you might find interesting. The bubble is not air tight. There are outsiders listening to what you and others like you have to say.

And what they hear is a version of this quote from your own article. Pure unadulterated sexism and racism. They also hear your claims that you’re fighting against sexism and racism, and that anybody speaking out against your hate and for equality is somehow racist and misogynist. Maybe you believe your own claims, but most people see right through you.

It is you and your buddies who created Trump and who made him president.