From Russia, With Oil
Yonatan Zunger

On election day last November I watched way into the night as the election results unfounded. I was puzzled at the time that in every State Trump was always ahead by about 400 to 5oo thousand votes in every return that came in. I thought then as I do now that something fishy was going on. So my question is. Has that anomaly been investigated. I bet if the votes are all compared we will understand the extent of Russian involvment with the manipulation of the voting numbers. Remember Hillary had three million votes more that Trump so we have to compare the amount of people who voted and see where the Trump majority came from???. We have to specifically nvestigate the votes in states that gave Trump the lead with Electorial Colleges. Were they the special focus of the Russian interferance? This investigation should be done to support the current on going investigation into Russian involvment in our elections??? No time must be wasted in getting Trump IMPEACHED. He is doing major damage to our Democracy

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