Douchebag: The White Racial Slur We’ve All Been Waiting For
Michael Mark Cohen

Since I first read this, I’ve given it some thought. On revisiting it now, here’s what I have got.





Wyppipo (collectively)


We can still do better. Just about the only one of these that might sting a bit is Becky, and--of course--it’s gendered. Basic, opposed to nasty, has connotations of whiteness too, but doesn’t seem to be explicitly white referencing.

The fash seems like it might be pressed back into service, but it’s another collective insult that doesn’t take a good singular instantiation. And anyway, call some white guy a facist and you might get a political defense, not a racial one.

Little Eichmann gets people genuinely upset, but it’s so closely associated with Ward Churchill that I can’t even google a reference to the slur from before 2005. If I had to propose one, I’d try to get #whiteslur to trend. On my own, I kinda got nothin’.

Really, I think the problem is that there isn’t a good place to safely come up with these. Merely being percieved as anti-white still gets people killed. If the definition of a slur is really, “you get in trouble for saying it” then we probably have a long way to go as a socciety before discovering any really hateful slurs for my fellow cotton-socks.

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