Hi nerd-hive-mind,

As you may know, at storythis.com we create and deliver coaching programmes on strategy and meta-cognition, to help people build companies.

One evening a couple of weeks ago we were invited to an in-VR developer meeting by the creator of Second Life. Really interesting experience.
And super cool / nerdy.

Credit: https://highfidelity.com/team

Picture the scene;
7 of us in the (actual) building, 3 VR headsets, meeting up inside a virtual multi-tiered amphitheatre in VR with about 50 other (actual) people.

Obviously you could only see them as their avatar — such as a big blue cartoon wolf with pink sunglasses on. Or a little mouse sitting atop (and “driving”) a robotic pin-striped suit.

There was a big stage at the front, with microphones and a sound system.

We might have had a couple of drinks before we went in, and so, feeling a bit boisterous, we might have done a small stage-rush before the actual event kicked off.

What’s interesting is that you had the same visceral sensation as if you were stage-rushing in real life… buzz of excitement, slightly crapping it.

…which was so weird! Because you’re only in virtual reality, and could just whip off your headset whenever!

Anyway, the point is; we’re launching a coaching programme which will take place inside VR, in the Spring of 2019.

It’s for founders and startup team members who would like to really sharpen up their decision making prowess, tighten their grip on customer development frameworks, and learn the nuance of Jobs-to-be-Done.

Basically, it will make you more of a badass at company building and increase your likelihood of success.

It will probably launch around April, and last for 6 weeks, 90 minutes per week.

Travel time — 0 hrs
VR Immersion — 100%

This is not for most people.
It will be experimental.
It will be a learning journey for us as well as for any participants.

We’re asking for a non-refundable deposit of £420 (Comparable to the UK cost of the new, soon-to-be-released Oculus Quest).

The full cost of the programme will be around £1,800.
(Yes, you will get to keep the headset).

If you want it, come and get it.

You can get in for this next week, until Friday 30th Nov, 5pm — (Cyber-last-week-of-November… yay):



love learning, big ideas, fitness freak.

love learning, big ideas, fitness freak.